Brockton’s Decals and Graphics

If your passion is custom-built cars then you need to have the perfect decals and graphics to set you apart. Chances are that if you’re like many of our Brockton customers, you are an individual at heart. You may also want your vehicle to make a statement that is not only high in quality, but also one that is unique enough to be noticed by others. At Auto Trim Design Of Charles River, our decals and graphics technicians have the skill and expertise to make any of your designs a reality. What’s more, our in-house graphic designers also provide thousands of original, custom-made ideas for you to choose from. Choosing the correct graphic and decal to meet your specific needs is not a decision that should be taken lightly. At Auto Trim Design Of Charles River we get that and that is why when you invest in us, you can rest assured knowing that you are receiving the best artwork, design and application possible. Our work will leave your car looking better and you feeling better.

A Mural for Your Car

If you have had the opportunity to travel to Europe for a vacation or holiday then chances are you have seen some pretty spectacular artwork. There is no doubt that some of the finest paintings ever created are visible in galleries across the continent. However, some of the most inspiring and detailed pieces of art are available free of charge as frescos, murals and stylized graffiti on walls across cities such as Rome, Barcelona and Lisbon. The artwork of these European capitals inspires us at Auto Trim Design Of Charles River and we challenge ourselves every day to create decals and graphics for custom-built cars that are as detailed and inspiring as these creations. We believe in aiming high for our Brockton customers so that is why when we create decals and graphics for your dream custom car, you know that you’re getting the best. Don’t settle for second best, contact the custom car specialists you can trust today.

Create a Buzz with Decals from Auto Trim Design Of Charles River

Whether you are the proud owner of a converted Mustang or have custom-built your own vehicle from scratch, then there is no greater feeling than people taking notice of all your hard work. Investing in custom-made decals of graphics from us is sure to cause a stir in Brockton. Our award-winning magnetic and plastic graphics will make your vehicle the talk of the town.

What is the difference between a decal and a sticker?

When investing in a custom-built car, it can sometimes be confusing to tell the difference between decals and stickers. While a sticker and a decal often share overlapping characteristics, one difference remains. A decal is, in general, an exterior sticker that contains an artistic element such as vinyl lettering or another graphic type. So, in brief, we describe vinyl and other graphic lettering as decals while other one-piece type of stickers are simply referred to as stickers.